LIOS Laboratory Information Operating System


Much more than the usual LIS software!!!

LIOS Laboratory Information Operating System

What is the LIOS?

LIOS (Laboratory Information Operating System) laboratory software you may need. It covers all processes from sample acceptance to reporting.

Much more than the usual LIS software...

Regardless of device location, performance analysis of all processes is done in real time.

Integrating to stock and host modules, SOE efficiency and cost analysis can be monitored on a laboratory and device basis.

We provide 24/7 technical support with our expert team.

Specific applications for mobile devices, patient results can be viewed from mobile devices.

Built-in Lios Decision Support Systems for Quick, Flexible and Dynamic Laboratory Statistics

The system is updated according to the needs of the day with its innovative design concept.

Laboratory Information Operating System

The different laboratories in a center can be connected with LIOS, as well as multiple centers and laboratories connected to this center can be operated in a single system.

Lios'un Ayrıcalıkları

Horizontal Confirmation Screen

Horizontal Confirmation screen is available. Test results can be done on a group basis.

SMS Module

Patient and physician-based information can be provided by SMS sending feature.

Our Success Story...

In the information management systems software for the medical sector, It was produced by our experienced team who have served in hospitals and medical analysis laboratories for many years.

Development and Progress...

LIOS provides consultancy team consisting of specialists in the field. it is developing day by day by producing fast and rational solutions.


LIOS serves in the public, private medical analysis and genetic laboratories.

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